Who does not like to be liked? Everyone wants to belong somewhere. It is quite a basic human nature that we work towards certain conditions and satiations and efforts to make others like us, and why we shouldn’t- it is reassuring, refreshing and most of all alleviating. It gives our confidence a boost that is incomparable. Knowing that you are being liked by people or certain set of people just changes your body language from lousy to bold and self –assured.

There are people who are naturally gifted such traits that we cannot help but start liking them instantly, they are God gifted with the quality of attracting other towards them but as natural as it is, these traits can certainly be worked upon and acquired over the period of time. We would like to walk you through certain very obvious aspects which you might already posses but do not really bring them out in order to increase your likeability. Have a look!

Apology acts as a signal of one’s moral behavior

You may not be able to go very far in a relationship if you keep working on the lines of “I am right/I am always right”. This phrase destroyed more relationships than anything else. You need to find common grounds with people and work on them for your advantage or for the betterment of the relationship. This rigidity may only spoil things between two people. So work on this trait to apologize as soon as you discover that you were at fault, it creates a special place in hearts, and it makes people like you.

The best apology is changed behavior

Coming up with this phrase “I am sorry” as flatly as you can is the least expected of a gentleman. It should have a feel, a genuine emotion and a changed behavior in the longer run which shows that you really regretted and wanted to make things up.

It exudes willingness, strength, confidence and courage that make you absolutely magnetic among people.

Style is way to speak who you are without having to speak

How carry yourself is one of the biggest aspect of increasing one’s likeability. You can expect anyone to like you if you stink and are always seen Hodge podge in your pajamas. Bear in mind that how a person dresses up speaks volumes of his personality, this factor should never be ignored or taken for granted.  One must accessorize well with watches like Seiko Solar, matching belts, cufflinks, caps, dress appropriate shoes, ties and what not. It is a huge sea of accessories which can make you stand out.

Being judgmental is cheap, any fool can do it

Ego and inflexibility in nature destroys friendships to a great deal but the damage being judgmental brings to your relationships is irreparable.

It draws people far away from you. Because they know if they would speak their heart in front of you, you would throw rocks at them rather than consoling them and giving ideas to deal with the situation.