The Age of Instagram Husbands

If you have an account on social media photo-sharing platform Instagram, there is a good chance you follow at least one fashion and lifestyle influencer or IG model. Ever wondered how they manage to avoid appearing as a shiny forehead straining up toward a phone on a selfie stick, but post perfect photos each and every time?

The secret to the success of many influencers’ and models’ photos is the same secret that has powered successful shoppers in malls for decades. The Mall Husband has been known for a long time. An often-exasperated man laden with bags, parcels, and packages, following a few steps behind his partner, he has made mammoth shopping expeditions possible.

The Instagram Husband is much the same. They are those who do the slog work of taking the perfect photos we see on the platform – and some are now Instagram celebrities in their own right.

Instagram husband at work

Influencing? Get Insta-married

If your love of fashion and sense of style has made you wonder about becoming an influencer or IG model yourself, an Instagram husband is indispensable. Becoming an influencer is the easy part. It’s taking photos that do the garments – and yourself – justice that is one of the most difficult, especially if you are trying to do it alone.

Unfortunately, even selfie sticks do not really help. Few selfies are flattering, especially when the subject’s face is turned down toward their phone screen. It is next to impossible to visually document apparel and accessories in all their beautiful line and form when you cannot clearly see what you are doing, and when you cannot take the photo from the perfect angle.

Having an Instagram husband makes it infinitely easier to get that perfect photo. Putting someone else in charge of the camera means you are free to strike a pose, get helpful feedback as you work toward a stunning picture, and do it all without wasting nearly as much time as you would if you were fumbling about on your own.

Qualities of an Instagram Husband

If you are single, or your partner flatly refuses to help you achieve your dream of being a fashion, style, or lifestyle influencer or social media model, you should look for an Instagram Husband – who does not need to be male, of course. Among the qualities that come in helpful are:

  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Self-confidence
  • Some IT knowledge, especially of photo editing apps
  • A relatively good level of physical fitness

Creativity is important, as Instagram husbands are often involved in the styling of the photos. There is more to a good photo than just the garment or accessory being modeled. Backgrounds and props can make a huge difference, and a good Instagram husband might just be the eyes that spot something you do not.

Patience is also a necessity. All it takes is a slight movement, the blink of an eye, a sharp gust of wind, or the unexpected intrusion of an animal or person, and what would have been the perfect photo is ruined. Waiting for the Insta-spouse to prepare for the photo can also take time, and husbands need to be very patient and accommodating.

Celebrity Instagram Husbands

A few celebrity Instagram husbands shared some of their experiences. This is what they had to say about following their girlfriends, wives, or husbands around and taking photos of them.

Shawn Garman, real-life and Instagram husband to style and fashion influencer Julien Garman, said that taking photos of Julien in crowded situations can be embarrassing when it takes time. However, he added that being a good IG husband requires some proactivity on his part.

Kane Vato, real-life partner and Instagram husband of Australian fashion blogger Pia Muehlenbeck, started taking photos of her when they launched a clothing line. Pia described him as a creative designer and photographer, and said their weekend hunts for perfect locations resulted in amazing photos.

Carlos Cabrera, real-life and Instagram husband to Johnny Carmona, said photography is one of his passions, so he loves the time he spends with Johnny. The platform has become part of their lives, and he credited it with allowing him to further connect with his husband as they exchange ideas about colour, texture, and form.

The Instahusband may be a new phenomenon, but with the continued growth of social media, it looks like any fashion-forward women, or man, needs this new accessory by their side.




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