Instagram Interview – Marion Berrin

Instagram users are always looking for new photos to inspire them, to travel or simply to forget the long week ahead. Other people see this platform as a way of remembering things. It is the case of Marion Berrin, a French photographer. Usually shooting on film, she trades her camera for her iPhone now and then to capture a moment to remember. While looking through her photographs, one realizes how she is able to portray a simple moment and turn it into something special. The kind of special that adds meaning to an image, like this picture that might remind us of Mondrian’s famous painting.

Still, Berrin does not take herself too seriously… which is another reason why her Instagram is one to look out.


On your Instagram account you wrote in your bio: « Trying to remember to forget ». How does this quote define you?
This quote resumes everything.

I use my instagram as a way to remember things, places I’ve been, stuff I saw but in a funny way. I am not really in the game of hashtagging like crazy, putting filters like crazy, choosing travel destinations to get more likes as possible. I probably don’t use instagram as I should use it but it’s just something to remember, something to forget to remember, something to remember to forget. Something fun, without any pressure.


What type of camera device do you use for your photos on Instagram?
The images on my account were mostly shot with the iPhone 4S. I sometimes show work shot with analogue cameras but I always precise it with a hashtag film or medium format. I sometimes use the hashtag “ obviously not digital “ when I am quite proud of one image. It’s a bit smug but I really like it. The iPhone is the only digital device I have.


How would you compare the style of your photos on Instagram and those on your website?
I guess my instagram tends to be more “ simple “ and less calculated. I don’t have my cameras all the time with me while I always have my phone with me. So, the main idea was to shoot things I saw or places I’ve been with the phone to remember them and maybe go back to that place to shoot with a camera. But I quite dislike to “ double “ images so I hardly go back and double them with my analogue camera. When I do it, maybe once or twice a year, it’s because it’s something that was so good that it had to be remembered both ways.

I stock images on my phone and post them without any peculiar order. Some images are one or two years latergram and some are very much instant images. I like this dichotomy a lot.


Which photo of yours is your favourite? Explain us why.
Guillaume was looking at this Tillmans’ photograph and was standing exactly the same way as the guy in the image. I would have loved to stage it but sometimes life stages things for you and you just have to press the button to get it.


What kind of photos do you never get bored to watch?
A play with lights. A nice shadow. Something that strikes me.

If an image has a pineapple, a coffee, a brunch or a sneaker pair on it and is also over hashtagged, I never double touch it.


How important is it to create harmony with each of our photos?
I don’t really calculate how I post images and how they’ll work together on the grid. I just do it as I feel things. Sometimes the images you like the most have the less interaction and likes, but frankly, who cares?


As an advice for newly instagramers, which filter do you consider to be the worst for a portrait?
I have no idea honestly. I’m pretty bad with filters. I don’t even have vsco on my phone.


Can you name us three accounts you follow religiously?





Marion Berrin


 Word by Sonia Staali