Elodie at Montage Models

 Bernini models is a Montreal-based models placement agency, created by Odile Bernard. Her love and passion for fashion since a young age directed her towards a new career in the models world and in the search for new faces.

Can you talk about your model placement agency and how it has come to life? 

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been in love with fashion. My grandmother was a seamstress and she got me into it. She would open a Vogue Magazine and say: “Do you like this dress? I will make it for you.” She had angel hands and was able to make pretty much anything you could ask for. I spent days and nights dressing up in her shoes, outfits and creations. As I grew taller I started to get solicited for various runways, fittings and photo-shoots. At the age of 15 I started following the world of fashion online especially on ‪models.com. I knew all the supermodels, all the events, contests, designers, new faces of the moment. I cared about the ones that became a hit and the ones that never made it. I completed my studies as I had pressure from people around me, but it was not what I wanted to do! Fashion was. Finding beauty was! I remember being afraid of what people would say back then; you will never find work, you’ll never make money, it’s a hard industry, finish school, etc. In the end when you do what you love, you succeed. I started Bernini Model Placement because fashion has always been my passion. I work hard, I stay focus, I have a good eye and I’m passionate. That’s the key to a successful career. 

What are the steps to the process in signing a model from the start to the finish? 

– Primo, I check for physical attributes 

– Secondo, I organize a photo-shoot with the future model to test his or her photogenic 

– Terzo, once I am satisfied with the model, I introduce them to the agencies. 

What are the pros and the cons of technology in searching for new faces? 

Today’s technology enables you to turn on your phone and start scouting in a click! It provides me with an immediate and vast pool of worldwide candidates. It’s like a virtual worldwide showroom! I can easily contact the future model through any social media, and they can just as easily do the same, and this from all 4 corners of the globe! It’s also enables us the keep up to date with all the latest trends: clothing, colors, hairstyles and the newest models with the hottest faces in the industry! Which girls are dominating the industry and in demand of todays new ampaigns, runways, etc. 

But technology being what it is nowadays, we need to be extra vigilant as sometimes candidates use technology to enhance their features and characteristics, thus providing a somewhat false portrait of them.

What do you look for in a model and does personality matter? 

I look for healthy charismatic girls with great skin and beautiful hair. Size is also a factor. Girls need to be 5’7 or more. The designer clothes are made with specific measurement so it’s important that the model fits in them properly. For me, I recognize a hit girl when I see her pictures and imagine her personality in a way but when I meet her; she’s totally the opposite. Personality matters, yes! Everybody loves to work with cool kids! Also, people need to understand that the lifestyle of a model is similar to the one of an athlete. Models have to eat well, workout, sleep and drink plenty water. Discipline is a must. 

Leanne at Montage Models

Leanne at Montage Models

Elodie at Montage Models

Elodie at Montage Models

Do you see social media as a positive impact on the modeling industry? 

Definitely yes. A lot of young girls are shy to go directly to the agencies, its less stressful for them to tag me or e-mail me. For the models, it can work both ways. For example, a client can ask a model with 30 000 followers and more to book a job so it can be tricky for them. If a model has a massive following, the client will get great exposure. It’s super important that models are active on social media and have a top notch Facebook, Instagram, etc.There is a lot of models working because of their high level of followers and popularity. On the other hand with social media you can get the eye of designers, clients, agencies or photographers on the other side of the planet. Everything is accessible. 

Where can we find you on social media? 

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under my name and on my website: www.berninimodels.com

Models can also email me at odile@berninimodels.com. You can simply tag me so I check your profile or send me your information by email.

Article by Alice Maltais

Odile Bernard, Founder

Odile Bernard, Founder