Japanese street fashion

By Mélissa Des Groseilliers

Straight platform shoes, pleated skirts, animal attributes, colourful hair: The culture of the cute –kawaii in Japanese- and eccentric surely knows how to be unconventional when it comes to fashion.

No need for haute couture runways for dolly laced dresses or manga -Japanese graphic novel- inspired outfits if you live in the Harajuku district of the Nippon country. Fashion capital, the street style of Harajuku is promoted among various magazines and blogs. Of course, if certain of these trends tend to be a bit over-the-top, they still have their amount of influence among western countries. Haven’t we seen a raise in popularity of animal eared beanies this winter?  This season, the popular Urban Outfitters shop sold beanies and mitts featuring cats or panda ears and faces.  Full platform shoes, identical as the ones Japanese are wearing, were also offered by the Saint-Catherine street shop.

Halfway between tradition and fantasy, the Japanese fashionistas are not afraid to stack various prints and colours.

There is probably too many modern street fashion styles to describe all of them.  Numerous outfits are also a mesh of the other. The most well-known style would probably be the Lolita one (with different types such as gothic, punk, classic or sweet). Doll like dresses and accessories tend to be the essence of this trend. Inspired by fairy tales and toy lines like My Little Poney or Care Bears, Fairy Kei and Dolly Kei styles are as well quite fascinating.

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Photo credits : www.Tokyofashion.com