Jean’s new autumn-winter 2020 collection “Out of System” during Ukrainian Fashion Week was a success.

Today, the issue of conscious consumption is becoming increasingly urgent. Often, a person mindlessly spends earthly resources. Jean Gritsfeldt’s new fall-winter 2020-2021 season is a reflection of what a generation of the future will look like in a thousand years. What will they preach? Future generation will seek the source of purification and salvation of humanity. We see hope in them: it is ethically consuming, progressively thinking and destroying outdated stereotypes.

The new collection is about love for the Earth. In addition to the main unit, there is a capsule of branded knitwear depicting rare species of animals. It is a reminder that man should cherish and appreciate nature.
Accessories in the form of carbines and natural oyster shells designed in collaboration with Maxim Dubin.


Location: Savik Shuster television studio