The pandemic has brought the world out of its comfort zone, including the fashion industry. People found themselves isolated in their cities and homes. Maintaining the principle of Less is More and Old is not Bad, the Jean Gritsfeldt brand, known for showing in unpredictable locations, moved to a combined format of digital and offline shows. The designer presented the collection of the spring-summer 2021 season virtually on Youtube, and the 85-year-old bus depot No. 7, reminiscent of an abandoned space station, became the catwalk. Why exactly he? Because the Love Kyiv collection is dedicated to native Kiev and its iconic places.

A feature of the clothes in the Love Kyiv collection are prints dedicated to the designer’s hometown. Jean continues to follow the principle of conscious production, which is why some of the images were created using a redesign of old things.

“Adaptability is a new reality. We can be in deliberate confinement, but with the help of high technologies we continue to develop and create. Let’s go through this difficult period together, expressing love to the people and the city that gave us warmth. Support us! ” – says Jean Gritsfeldt.