About Laura Estrada


Raised in an eccentric and nomadic Guatemalan American family, Laura Estrada constantly created little objects with her hands as a way to remember each place and experience. This fascination with meaningful relics and her early love of aesthetics evolved into a lifelong pursuit of art. With professional training as a jeweler and a keen eye for design, Estrada launched her company in Los Angeles in 2017. No matter the wearer’s story, Estrada forges a connection from her own lore and lineage to deliver a body of work that is at once universal, elemental and timeless.


Laura Estrada Jewelry is a collection of intentionally designed jewelry, handcrafted from scratch in our tiny, sunny Los Angeles studio. Constructed primarily from raw brass and sterling silver using traditional metalsmithing techniques, the sculptural work forms a dialogue with both the natural environment and modern design. Purposeful in form and function, each piece seeks to empower its wearer with strength, resilience and inherent beauty.