Sarmite Ostanevica is a London-based fashion designer known for her original signature of simple, but detailed and tailored style. In this fashion editorial, model Carmen Obied embraces the surreal and eventually departs while wearing signature pieces from Sarmite’s latest Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.
In a Q&A with Sarmite, she discusses her love of fashion, art and the inspiration behind her latest collection.

What is your greatest passion as a designer?

I love the freedom of expression that I have through my work. I love how art and fashion connects to so many cultural experiences in our world and that through my work I can inspire others. I believe that clothes are something that covers our fragile human bodies and I love to create a unique garment that can inspire and transform. I love the idea that my work can be like this one drop in the ocean that creates a much greater wave.

What is your inspiration for this latest collection, Sculpture Wedding? What story are you trying to tell?

Sculpture Wedding is inspired by the fabric movement found in sculptures over the centuries. My aim is to reflect how other historical artists have depicted fabric over the centuries and to adapt it to today’s world. I wanted to feature the elegant silhouette of a bride and to merge the classical with a contemporary style. This collection builds on my signature of a wearable style with a surrealistic detailing. My vision is to make sculptures come to life – and to transform one art form into another.
However, with each collection, I am not satisfied with just creating garments. I wanted to capture them as art and I love forming partnerships with other artists. For this collection’s exhibition, I am partnering with London-based sculptors to create a multi-disciplinary artistic event. The sculptors will create contemporary sculptures inspired from my collection sketches.

How do your partnerships with other artists influence your work?

I think that working with other artists makes my own work feel more alive. I hope that my work can inspire others and even moreso, I love the inspiration that comes from the different ways that other artists can think and feel. It is absolutely fantastic to meet new and talented people through art.<br>

How did you get started as a designer? Why did you to pursue choose fashion over other artistic mediums?

I believe that I was strongly influenced by my grandmother when I was very small child. Her influence affected me in conscious and unconscious ways. And so as I pursue fashion, I can work for days, weeks and years and feel like I never get tired. As an artist, I think we create things and express truth inspired by something we have experienced. I think this is central any art form – whether it be music, sculpture, fashion, or photography. We’re inspired by each other.
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