“Prelude” – A book about self-reflection and growth of the poet William Wordsworth who explores Romanticism through nature.

The classical era respected control of reason and personality, and therefore the frame of class and form existed.



On the other hand, Romanticism respects emotions and wills rather than its reasons, and falls in appreciation for love, nature and the freedom of self expression.

The romantic poet William Wordsworth abandoned the clichés and stereotypes of neo-classicalism and chose the language and material of poetry in the everyday language and life of ordinary people, and express the wonder and beauty inherent in that language and material through his imagination.

We have abandoned reality through our imagination. We have expressed our emotions, our ideals and the love for nature- we call the LEJE Romanticism.

From this concept, we were able to start our 2018FW Collection.

The designs are influenced by the clothing of the everyday people during the Romanticism period.

Colors are inspired by the tranquil natural landscape inspired by the works of Joseph Mallord William Turner.