” We created Linen Sky to breathe freely. Amid the city bustle, we crave lightness, freedom, and purity; we know that only a truly free human being can treat those around him with kindness and love. Fashion armor is bound to be left behind if we aspire to live in harmony. Freedom is the new status symbol, and Linen sky became our personal symbol of freedom.

For a long time, we explored the idea of a perfect city wardrobe. It had to emit sophistication and character, yet be uncontrived, effortless, and comfortable. We found our Grail in linen, the simplest, most elegant and luxurious of the natural materials.

Every garment in Linen Sky collection is made of the highest quality linen. We blend natural linen fibers from Belguim, Portugal and Belarus with French silk, Italian cashmere, and Scottish wool to breathe new life into the timeless fabric. If you are anything like us, you will want to touch it. We hope that Linen Sky will bring more freedom and love to this world. Join our search; we would love to breathe with you.”

Instagram : @LinenSky_Fashion