Specialising in the elegantly understated, LOTT Studio offers a modern alternative to the traditional world of fine jewellery with a collection of finely crafted, timeless pieces. Established by Jeweller and Designer Kari Layton each piece is constructed by hand at her studio located in Abbotsford, Melbourne. LOTT Studio collections are crafted using solid silver and gold, ensuring a high quality product that will last.


The creation process is at the heart of everything I do. I strongly believe in timeless before trendy, quality before quantity. My values start with aesthetics, and end with simplicity and function.

By putting great effort into hand-picking selected designs which are made to last, I make sure that each and every piece that passes through my hands is produced with care, skill and imagination. Working with local suppliers to source quality materials, I make each item by hand from my studio in Melbourne.

There is an deep-rooted comfort and pride that comes from crafting things by hand, as well as wearing items which have been made with love and care. I am passionate about making thoughtful decisions about the pieces I choose to own. Built to last and made to be worn every day, my jewellery is designed with an aesthetic that can be enjoyed for many years to come. In my collections you’ll find timeless high-quality products, whose beauty and functionality never wear off.       – Kari


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