Love, Bonito empowers the modern woman at every milestone in her life. As the largest vertically- integrated, omnichannel fashion brand in the region today, we offer thoughtful and unique styles, experiences and content to customers in Asia and beyond. Founded in 2010 and steered by a team of strong, diverse women, Love, Bonito is committed to a community-driven, experience-centric and innovative approach to spur our global ambitions.

Founded in 2010 and spearheaded by a strong, ambitious all-Asian female senior management team, the company now comprises 200 people across the region, proudly headquartered in Singapore with country offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong and an omni-channel presence across these 4 markets. In addition to our retail franchise in Cambodia, we ship internationally. We offer free shipping to orders above US$150 to Canada. 

In the midst of exponential growth, Love, Bonito remains committed to staying relational and customer-centric. True to our belief that women should feel confident and beautiful at every stage in their lives, we offer a comprehensive assortment including EMBRACE, our maternity collection, and LYLAS, our bridesmaid collection, alongside timeless pieces for the modern women at home, work and play. Love, Bonito also conducts regular outreach and community engagement efforts spanning the pillars of fashion, beauty, health and wellness.