Did you ever imagine a platform where photographers could share a bit of intimacy by exposing the ones they love? Basically, photographers always show us how they perceive the world. Our role, as a spectator, is to try to understand what they tend to communicate. This time, the role of those photographers changes to share us what they see through people they cherish and who inspire them. And because everyone have their own way to define love, some will prefer to demonstrate their subject with sadness, some will use fun as an angle. Somehow, every way can be the right way to depict love.

This all started as a school project for Lindley Warren, the founder of the website, and she quickly realized that her project must be shared. In The Ones We Love, we do a world tour by seeing how those photographers, from all parts of the world, decide to portray their entourage. From 10 photographers initially, she now features more than 70 photographers on the website. Plus, there is also a book with all the pictures join together that you can purchase and it is now on his second edition.

After seeing a few photos, it really feels like we are invited into the photographer’s universe and get to know a new side of those “image-taker”.

AlbaYruelaAlba Yruela, Spain

LanaAdamsLana Adams, Australia

francescovezzola2 Francesco Vezzola, Austria

nickjojola Nick Jojola, California

FabianZapatka Fabian Zapatka, Germany

benoîtchalleux2 Benoît Chailleux, France

mimi-brooklyn-stephanie-noritz Stephanie Noritz, New York

philippegerlach Philippe Gerlach, Germany


The Ones We Love