Winter, as the noble Stark family says, is coming. We could all do with a little pampering to get through the colder months, and we definitely all deserve that. But let your imagination run wild for a moment – what would you treat yourself to if money was no object?

From travelling to eating, shopping and beauty treatments, everything about life is different for the ultra-rich. Take inspiration from some of the luxuries below, and plan your own ultimate fantasy of winter pampering.

Expensive Tastes

Forget about eating sushi or even caviar every day. When you are super-wealthy, the food you eat is in a whole new league. Foodgod’s 24K Gold Buffalo Wings are dusted in actual gold dust, and flakes of gold top the Pizza Royale 007 at Bella Napoli in Scotland. That’s just the beginning, of course. Dom Perignon, aged beef, truffles on pasta, moose milk cheese and other delicacies are all part of a wealthy person’s normal diet.

Heavenly Beauty Treatments

One thing everybody loves indulging in is spa treatments. And for the top 1%, these treatments are luxury and pampering like you’ve never seen them before. The full-day spa experience at the 5-star Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel’s Talise Ottoman Spa in Dubai is the stuff dreams are made of, as is the 20-hand (10 therapists) massage in Maui’s Grand Wailea Hotel. You’ll forget all about your winter blues.

Travel in Style

In fact, if you are enjoying a decadent spa treatment in sunny Dubai or Maui you won’t have the winter blues at all. And as a member of the wealthy elite, you’ll travel to these destinations in the lap of luxury. Chase summer all year in your private suite on an Airbus A380.

You’ll get to sip champagne (Dom Perignon, of course) as you recline on your queen-size bed, feast on dishes from around the world and think about how the other half (or other 99%) lives. You’re also likely to run into Morgan Freeman or Leonardo di Caprio as they head to their own private suites.

Dream Vacations

So where else might you be travelling to? Wildly fabulous and expensive holidays are on tap all around the world. The more money you can put towards something, after all, the more bespoke and unusual you can make it.

Women can stay at the female-only SuperShe Island off the coast of Norway, and indulge in a host of treatments for the health of the body, mind and soul. The setting is so beautiful that you won’t mind even if it is winter; the cold will never have seemed so endurable.

On the other hand, you can stay in George and Amal Clooney’s favourite private resort at North island in Seychelles. And when you grow tired of pristine beaches, Bisate Lodge in Rwanda has 6 palatial suites designed to resemble traditional Rwandan royal homes.

Additional Amazing Indulgent Experiences

Sublimotion is an underwater restaurant in Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel. You’ll get 20 courses of fine dining, surrounded by sea life on all sides. If that doesn’t take your mind off the snow, perhaps a bottle of Château Margaux 2009, the world’s most expensive wine, will do the trick.

If you buy it from the Le Clos wine shop at Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport, you will even be treated to a tour of the vineyard and cellar in France, complete with a dinner hosted by Managing Director Paul Pontallier.

And for a spot of retail therapy, head to Harrods in London or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. If you get the Iced Manicure special from Cherish … Me, which embellishes your nails with 10 carats of tiny diamonds and costs more than $50,000, your look will be complete! And the diamonds are yours to keep; when they’re removed they are set in a piece of specially designed jewellery. Now that’s something worth saving for!