Bring fantasy to your day, as French designer Constance Guisset does. Constance creates delicate and poetic things, building a sensitive and wonderful world. Her working line is structured around visual illusion and surprise. She wants to provoke a fascination in the relationship between object and user.
One of my favourite projects is called “Francis Mirror”, an unusual, fabulous and enchanting mirror. It could be a modern Snow White tale magic mirror. The name Francis makes reference to an older mirror belonging to the famous painter FRANCIS BACON.
Francis is a circular mirror made from chromatic experiences with pigments on water. Make up palette or ageing signs? The user sees himself through the luminous oxydation in an illusion of curved reflect. This curved appearance is reminiscent of Venitian glass.
Give surrealist  reflection to your wall with the Francis large mirror. Or with the pocket sized, observe the world with a different and magic viewpoint.

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all ?”



– Marine Senges –