About Maison Godefroi

Maison Godefroi has always chosen leather first. An exclusive choice brought on by a deep passion to combine beauty and nobility in the form of leather.
A young entrepreneur and photographer in the fashion world, Charles-Olivier Pilon felt inspired by the fabrics and materials that he was surrounded by in the business of fashion. It only took one touch of Italian leather one fine day, for him to feel the quality of unmatched flexibility and softness and more importantly, to fall in love with this sublime material and finally make it his life’s work.
A man of passion and boundless creativity, Charles-Olivier Pilon’s vision is to re-introduce true values into the market by reconciling leather, elegance and fashion in one product. In the true image of his ancestor Godefroi Lacroix, a gentleman with avant-garde ideas and refined tastes, Maison Godefroi was born.
Maison Godefroi leather accessories are handmade in Montreal.