The 1990’s were a time of expression, where people attempted to achieve authenticity through chokers, dark lipstick, and high waisted jeans. Although many people wore these accessories, they were worn to achieve different looks. The 90’s were a unique time period because of the diversity in styles; from glamour to grunge, sleek to chic, and bulky to dull. Now, here we are today, in 2016, replicating those same fashion statements.


This classic accessory has been seen on the runway in many different ways. Although it seems to be a simple accessory, the choker was worn in the 1860s as the uniform of prostitutes. Eventually, the choker was referred to as a “dog collar” and worn by upscale women in the late 1800s for they were decorated in diamonds, pearls, and lace. The “dog collar” once again become more popular in 1944. In the 1990’s, chokers were worn to create a grunge look and oftentimes had spikes. Now, chokers are extremely versatile and are seen in velvet, metal, gold, leather, and silver. They are the best way to add decoration to a plain outfit or create a little edge to the look you’re going for. The tightness around the neck also allows for a minimalistic look if the choker is simple.


Similar to the choker trend, dark lipstick was worn to create a darker, grunge look. However, dark lipstick is not only a trend that took place in the 1990s. Throughout history, dark lipstick had an important stand in society. For example, during the early Greek empire, only prostitutes were to wear lipstick. It was often times worn as an act of rebellion towards God. The 1920s (specifically as an act of feminism) was the first time woman were encouraged to wear lipstick for it became a competition between woman in order to find a job. In the 1990s, this beauty look was accomplished with minimal eye and face makeup, drawing most of the attention to the lips. Dark lipstick was most often times paired with a dewy complexion similar to the look today. Whether the dark lipstick is a matte or glossy finish, this 90’s look is a classic.


Matched with a crop top or a plain t-shirt, high waisted jeans were the most popular jeans in the 90s. This trend began when Marilyn Monroe starred in The Misfits in 1961. Wearing high waisted jeans with a belt, the look became more and more popular overtime. In 2016, high waisted jeans came back into style with a spin, being worn in different colors and shoes of all types. Whether they are boyfriend or skinny jeans, the high waist brings emphasis to the hips and draws attention to one’s curves.

Text by Alyssa Orcuilo