MARIA BA brings an unpredictable, unconventional edge to the world of contemporary luxury. As an Argentinian designer who loves to travel, Maria mapped out her signature style, finding inspiration and direction through the mixture of different influences. Hand-embroidery decorate specially sourced fabrics, creating experimental, luxury womenswear which focuses on textiles and working with traditional couture techniques.

Playful, romantic, feminine. Her pieces often incorporate folds, drapes, asymmetric pleats and exquisite detailing. Each collection is created to bring something new, special and lasting into the world. In this era of disposable clothes, we focus on true statement pieces. Tailored with strong lines, a feminine personality and a sense of quality that endures, season after season.

COLLECTION STORYThe collection is a tribute to the Great Gatsby film and the 1920’s. The outfits are all about the lines, colors and flowing fabrics of the time, yet maintaining modern necklines and hemlines. It shows a big contrast between the workers lifestyle and the elegance of the American elite, trying to find the point where they meet.