Interview with ….

Jennyfer Desbiens

How were you first recruited ?

I knocked on a few agencies’ doors and they said I was too weird. And then I met Sylvie, Scoop’s director, and she said that she likes weird girls.

What do you think makes you different than the other models? What is your trademark ?

I look like a sylphid.

How would you describe your personal style? Is there any public figure that inspires you ?

I have a pretty eclectic style. One day I’ll wear a chic black jacket and the next a casual sweatshirt. I am certainly, indirectly and unconsciously inspired by many public figures. But for sure I am inspired by what I see in the street and by the fabulous and strong women of my entourage.

Were there any struggles that you had to cope with through your career as a model ?

I had to stop comparing myself to the other girls. The more you work intensely as a model the more you slip into a kind of
competition, which exists only in your head. In fact, you cast or you don’t, and at some point, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t have a dark Californian skin when you’re born « Snow White ».

What is your ideal of beauty ? Did this ideal change when you entered the modeling industry ?

You are beautiful when you look healthy. And the more a model is curious, intelligent, funny and strong, the more I find her beautiful. One last thing, it feels like my ideal of beauty changes when I travel in other countries. The most beautiful girls end up being the local ones.

Who is the designer that you prefer working with and who is your favorite designer worldwide ?

I’ve been working with Anne de Shalla since 5 years now and it has always been great pleasure. She is a wonderful designer.
Worldwide, I like Gaultier for his creative mind but St-Laurent for what he had to say.

Have you ever traveled abroad for your work ?

I spent three months in Mexico City and I shot a tv commercial in Santiago (Chilli).

What is your favorite pastime ? Tell us more !

Right now, I have absolutely no pastime for I am at university, studying classics, and it takes all my time. But this summer, I’ll be reading Dany Laferrière, as usual, and drink hibiscus juice, that’s all I need to be happy.

Do you have any favorite movie/favorite book ? Do you relate to it ? How ?
Lost in Translation, 9,99 $ and L’Auberge espagnole are some of my favorite movies, because they are so close to what life is when you’re young and free.

What are your perspectives for the future ?

Pursue my studies, work in edition and in acting.

What are your dreams and goals ?

Have a family, keep on traveling, never stop learning, and always have mini dreams and mini goals to reach.