Where are you from ? I am from Tajikistan

Do you have any passion besides modelling ? Yes, I am fond of photography and have already started working as a photographer for a few months. I love cooking and travelling.

Why have you become a model ? Since my childhood  I have been attracted by photos, I mainly like to be photograph. I had to abandon the idea of being a model while living in Tajikistan because of the bad reputation this profession had in our society. So, when i came in France as an AuPair and discovered the parisian way of living, with all the opportunities, I decided to try to integrate a model agency and to make my dream come true…

Before your modelling career succeeded, what did you do? I have done my studies: diploma in Political Science in russian at tajik slavonic university, diploma of the academy for young diplomates, diploma in commercial Affairs in Sorbonne and, nowadays, I am studying in an international commercial negotiation faculty.

If you hadn’t became a model, what would you have done with your life ? I would represent my country in Unesco or would work in tajik foreign embassy.

Do you have any plans after you modelling career ? Yes, i am going to continue as an actress and as a photographer.

You say you are a freelancer, how does it work exactly ? As i was not working in modelling agencies, I had to start as a freelance model in order to put on the bill of the jobs I had. Today it is useless because all the jobs I have are negotiated by my agencies


What do you like the most about your job ? And the less ? I love travelling and meeting new people. I never know where I’ll be next week or even tomorrow. Every day is a new day with plenty of surprises and new experiences.

 What are your best assets as a model ? Capacity to have various expressions, flexibility, high capacity of adaptation and improvisation.

 What have been your favourite project so far ? The last video i have made for Nissan was the most interesting project i have ever made. The role i had demanded me huge effort, I had to act a way I have never done before. It was a real challenge for me and so exciting, because i discovered another side of myself.

 And your most challenging one ? The video shooting we had in Grenoble 2 years ago. I had to stay natural and cheerful while we were shooting outside, on the terrace of a superb villa. The difficult part was that I was only wearing a bikiki and it was 2°C outside. It was so cold, I didn’t even felt my body anymore. But, when the camera was on, I was able to take back this casual and joyful look. Those 3 days of shooting seemed endless… but, the result was really amazing.

 You have appeared in many video commercials and short films, do you feel model needs to be able to act to succeed ? All depends on the model’s future plans… If she/he want to be concentrated on the catwalks, showrooms and saloons, they won’t have to act because they have to stay neutral in their expression. But, if they want to be concentrated on commercial contracts, it is better to be able to act.

Do you prefer shooting for pictures or videos ? I can’t choose one of them. I love shootings and enjoy so much acting.

What are the biggest challenges for you ? Quit it all to go to a country where I don’t even speak the main language, to be choose between hundreds of candidates at casting, such as l’Oreal, Garnier, Samsung… And, the biggest challenge is to stay positive no matter what.

Is it difficult to keep up your weight ? No, the important is to make sport (jogging and stretching) and to pay attention to what we eat in the evening.

Some say the fashion industry is slowly changing it’s standards for models, have you felt the change ? Yes, nowadays clients are looking for models who look like beautiful women we can come across in the street, who can be a friend of you or your girl-friend, sister, mother… It is important the consumers could identify themselves with the person on the picture or in the video.

What are the sacrifices you had to do for your career ? I did no sacrifices for my career. I continued the life I had before, still with the same friends and in the same places: i did not change anything. Travelling more, that’s the only change i had.

 Is it difficult to be in a relation ship while being a model ? I would love to say no, but the truth is that the person who does not work in modelling can’t understand and accept the working days and travelings we have. So the answer is YES, it is very difficult to be in a relation ship while being a model cause we do not have enough time to pay attention to a person we love.



Photographer: Maxime Frogé
MUA/ hairstyling : Elisa LiLy
Stylist : Amine Kooples
Model: Melifera
Interview by Ruby-Maude Rioux