Montreal: a city rich with culture, music and fashion.  A home to those who are artists, visionaries and muses.  Home is where the heart is, and Montreal’s heart beats to the rhythm of all those who inhabit it.

Here are some very fashionable people that truly embody the Montreal spirit of dress:


Joanne’s outfit is a palette of neutral tones, yet her bright blue striped socks add interest to her ensemble.  The cotton qualities of her jumpsuit compliment its soft floral pattern, yet are offset perfectly by her edgy leather satchel.  The hat is a great finishing piece; the final touch to a carefully crafted look.

Spotted: Outside of Old-Montreal’s best restaurants Olive and Gourmando


Henri is a stunner in a burgundy Valentino suit, Hugo Boss Chelsea boots (size 14, yikes!), and a skinny black tie.  He is off to prom, and took inspiration from the Beatle’s mop-top days.  The orange umbrella, although not ultimately part of his prom ensemble, does add a pop of visual interest.  The sheen and colour of the suit adds a brilliant texture; and it will certainly shine on the dance floor.

Spotted: On the rainy streets of Montreal-West


A.M.’s look is effortlessly cool with a loose mid-button down shirt, blue shorts, aviators and strappy black sandals.  The shirt is the outfit’s hero, as it is a silk-like material, and the colourful polka-dots are reminiscent of a Miu Miu design.  His hair is also perfectly coiffed à la Morrissey (shaved a bit at the back, and long on top).  Although not apparent in the photo, A.M. also wore gold jewellery, such as an ear cuff and a small necklace; fine details that added a touch of luxury to an otherwise relaxed and playful look.

Spotted:  Chinatown, just outside one of its best bakeries, Patisserie Harmony


Reinko, who has her own blog that examines Harajuku fashion, looks super kawaii with blue high-tops, a manga bear bag, a big green baseball hat and huge headphones that act as a necklace.  She believes style to be among the most important mediums of self-expression, and feels that she has defined hers by adding a twist to popular Japanese culture.  Not only is this outfit cute, it is also very original; an inspiration to all those with quirky style.

Spotted: The ever-cool St. Laurent street


Sandrine actually made this dress using vintage patterns and textiles!  She is heavily inspired by 50s fashion, as seen with her perfectly cut dress, shoes, tiny purse, cat-eye sunglasses and Betty Paige type hair.  I was in awe of not only her familiarity with such a cool decade, but because she manages to remain confident while dressing ‘out of the norm’.  The china-print on the dress is beautiful, and the cute black heels and pale pink purse do nothing but elevate the outfit’s appeal (and not to mention those wicked sunglasses!).  She stands out in a crowd, and her retro look is beyond cool.

Spotted: Old-Montreal; she was petting the horses that carry tourists around in carriages.


All those involved have allowed their photo to be taken and used on this website.