From a year to another it is complicated to always please everyone with cool gifts. Whether it is a question of budget, or a lack of time, it can easily turn to a nightmare. Although it is the most wonderful time of the year, (that’s what they say) we always end up by doing last-minute gifts. In keeping in mind to please everybody, we thought that minimalist is the key to success. That is why we have been thinking which gifts should make the cut on this list.

By Sonia Staali



These pencils look like mini trees and can easily be a decoration for your friend’s new desk. Handmade and hand-painted, it makes us appreciate them more.

Small Twig Pencils / 13$



Found the inspiration from a praticable material that warm up our boots or vests during cold winter, (yes cause we’re are talking about American winter here) the designer of Cantin renewed felt and leather into a timeless style. We already told you about this brand, so it is clear that we love what they do. You might do too.

Prisque / 215$


This brand was born after a trip in Cambodia where after learning traditional handicraft, Jane Heng decided to create her own designs. She proceed by working in collaboration with artisans in order to respect the authentic technics.

Droplet Jewelry Box / 49$


Fell out on this online store and browsing became quickly addictive. You can please yourself, I mean your friends, by choosing them beautiful jewelry or artwork. New roommate? Decoration is a gift for both of you.

Dashes Woven Bowl / 28$


We all have this friend who cooks so well that even when she says it’s not good, it turned to be pretty good. Buy her some cooking tools, so you can continue to enjoy her awesome food.

Olive Wood Serving Spoon Set / 38$