Montreal fashion week is becoming bigger, but still has not a great impact in the fashion industry. It is sad because we all know that in Montreal, there are many designers hidden somewhere waiting to get some exposure. After a marathon of fashions shows, there are some coup de coeur to share.

For the second time, this fashion event took place in Arsenal, an originally place of a naval shipyard. It has been transformed in a center of Contemporary Art and became the focal spot for the fashion scene. Between the shows, we had the chance to admire some pieces of art. The exposition was exhibiting a various interesting creations that made us discover the artist behind.


One show that really caught the eye was the Rachel Sin’s. The retro inspiration with cat eye glasses and the high heels pointed made it happen. Our attention was really brought to the accessories, especially me, when it comes to glasses. However, no surprise about the clothes, all things we have seen before… This collection is showcasing a lot of polka dots blouse and neutral color blocking.

MFW24-2013 160

MFW24-2013 129


MFW24-2013 206

To end the night, Rush Couture has unveil her new collection. Some pieces were really strong like the multiple black and gold garments. The main inspiration of the choice of the fabrics and the colors was accentuate by  the duality between strength and softness found in the clothing worn by the African warrior. As usual, black is the key color of this season, either as a jersey tunic or either with transparency.

MFW24-2013 243

MFW24-2013 279

MFW24-2013 413

MFW24-2013 444

All good things come to an end! I hope that it is not the end for Montreal to show how much fashion has her place! Cheers!


Text by Sonia Staali

Photos by Sarah White