More Than Meets the Eye: Rochas Pre-Fall 2017

By Lindsay Cooper

Fuori posto: it’s an Italian phrase meaning unorthodox, off kilter, or out of place. And the descriptor itself seemed almost out of place when Alessandro Dell’Acqua, designer for Rochas, used it to define the newly debuted Pre-Fall 2017 collection. “I like bourgeois, but it doesn’t have to be too proper,” he explained. “For me, style is right when there’s something wrong and fuori posto.”

At first glance, the conservative inspirations are evident in the blush-toned pea coats, neutral pencil skirts, and twill and floral fabrics. Almost every silhouette is reminiscent of historical beauties like Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel, but it’s in the details that the images of these proper ladies start to morph into something stranger.

Using classic design elements to conjure a feeling of familiar femininity, Dell’Acqua incorporates masculinity with an elongated poplin shirt, black bonded leather, snakeskin, and jackets torn straight from military uniforms. Just like the historic women that inspired it, there is more to this collection than meets the eye.