Interview with Audrey Price


 by Marie-Pier Chouinard

With her natural look that is both unique and glowing, the lovable French Canadian model Audrey Price is a rising star that is worth to be known. But make no mistake; behind her carved features and her naive face, is a very ambitious and confident girl. For being only twenty years old, Audrey is a well-balanced person and is full of wisdom. It was therefore a delight for Flanelle Magazine to sit down with her and discuss her latest endeavours while learning more from this kind-hearted human.


MG_9672                   Photo credits : MARAM


When did you first start modelling and how did you get into it?

As a teenager, photographers and scouts were stopping me in the streets and were interested in working with me, but my parents thought I was too young at the time. They are working in the artistic field, therefore they know the industry and they wanted me to be more mature before getting in this world. Then, only a few months ago, I did some researches with my mom about the modelling agencies located in Montreal. We found Montage Models, and heard good comments about the agency. Hence, I went to the office to present myself and it was a perfect fit, we both fell in love with each other right away.

Are you a full-time model?

Yes and no, I am a McGill student majoring in theater and minoring in world cinemas. While I take my studies very seriously, I still try to manage my modelling career on the side. I actually just started my first semester at university because I walked the runway at Tokyo’s fashion week last fall, which delayed my admission to school. I like the fact that my theater studies can be linked to my modelling career. What I mean by that is that theater requires me to play a role, which is a useful skill to master when I need to immerse myself in a new brand and its personality. 

How was Tokyo?

It was my first fashion week and it was a whole new kind of experience. I never went to an extended trip by myself so it was quite a challenge and an adventure to say the least. I am a family person and the fact that my mom and my sister came for a bit to visit me was something I really appreciated. I had the chance as well to live with amazing roommates and meet new people from the industry, which was the best part. Well actually, wearing head to toes Dolce & Gabbana exclusive collection for 4 days in a row was pretty good too (giggles). I was wearing a crown and everything was just surreal, I felt like a real-life princess. I also met Anna Dello Russo, which was incredible because she has always been an inspiration of mine. I really liked how polite and respectful the citizens were there, they were just very genuine and you could feel the warmth emanate from them.

 Photo credits: MARAM


Is your body image really important? Do you have any food restrictions?

My body is my best asset in this industry; therefore I have no other choice than to eat nutritious food. I absolutely love to cook; I like experimenting dishes from different cultures and I especially like eating Mediterranean food. One of the things I actually found very inspiring in Japan was their food; I was always so excited about meal times because I knew I would discover traditional dishes that I have never tasted before. In terms of diet restrictions, I don’t eat pork or beef for ecological reasons. Although I don’t have a strict diet structure, I like to eat until I feel satisfied and I try not restraining myself. I think we should eat a variety of food and diversify. I also have a trainer that I see once a week and who helps me schedule my meals. Furthermore, I have healthy living habits such as going to bed early every night and drinking a lot of water.

What is next for you?

I really want to travel again. Europe is particularly of interest for me and I see myself working abroad as well. When I finish this semester, I have plans to go to explore a country for the summer, but I don’t know which one yet. I like everything that is unknown, challenging and I like the idea of gaining something from each of those experiences. I am quite an intense person; when I am passionate about an aspect in my life, I go all in. I have grown with parents that have pretty atypical career paths; they are artists so it wasn’t the usual 9 to 5 (laughs). Their way of living definitely influenced me and made me more laid back in the way I approach the world. I just think that life is one big adventure and we should all try to make the best out of it.