Mujō, means ‘impermanence’ in Japanese, that all things within our lives are constantly changing, Japan is special country with a big culture and devotion for art. On a trip to this rich country, having discovered this sensitive way in which Japanese people see the beauty, Mujo was born. A collection of pieces experimenting texture changes in their surfaces, curling into themselves in irregular shapes. Far from looking for perfection, they form organically like in constant movement.


Naida C. Castel has explored the Japanese culture after a trip to Japan. Meeting people, getting close to the traditions, the art, the language and all that surrounds it. This collection named Mujo, is an experimentation of organic shapes curling into themselves, textures that vanish, translating through metal the concept of Mujo, the impermanence.


We are women who work hard and party harder.
We ride bikes, we fight and we dance.
We get our shit done but we also loose control.
We are not perfect, but the thing is, we don’t even want to.
Perfection doesn’t represent us, cause we like it natural and raw.
We are spontaneous.
We are real.