Finding Notoriety in Anonymity.

By Lindsay Cooper


Founded in Czechoslovakia by Jan Nehera, this eponymous clothing label had over 130 retail spaces across the world in the 1930’s. Unfortunately, NEHERA fell victim to World War II in 1945 when the atelier was nationalized and absorbed into state-owned OP Prostějov.

While this proved devastating to Nehera, who spent the rest of his life re-establishing himself in Morocco, NEHERA’s current CCO, Samuel Drira, considers it an advantage. Brought onto the team for the brand’s relaunch in 2014, Drira stated in an interview with I-D, “there’s not so much remaining from the past of Nehera, it’s not like I was dealing with archives of the house or a codified environment.”

As alluded to by the head designer, the creative processes at NEHERA’s surviving contemporaries, like Lacoste and Schiaparelli, involve a lot of work attempting to meld their current collections with the reputations and expectations built up throughout the course of their near century-long histories. Having worked with huge fashion houses like Hugo Boss, the Row, and Hermès, Drira seems to be revelling in the mystery created by the brand’s 70-year absence. “I do not think about the past when I create a collection. Even my own one is totally erased. Rick Owens told me once that fashion is about hope. Making a collection is just about that,” said Drira in an interview with Fashion Network.

Considering the beauty of the nine collections seen since the company’s reintroduction, there won’t be much hope or wishing needed. NEHERA will undoubtedly claim it’s rightful spot at the top.

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