About Nina.Nanas


Nina.Nanas is a jewellery brand whose playful designs reflect creator and jeweller Nina Janvier’s pop and vintage influences. Made from a gold, silver or brass base, the seasonal collections address various themes surfing on current trends, always highlighted by colourful visuals.


From her hometown, Normandy, to Paris, Granada and Barcelona, Nina has always been immersed in a creative environment, nourished by her parents’ French-Spanish culture and heritage. She studies music and has played violin for nearly 20 years, and nourishes a keen interest in fashion and arts.

After a Master’s in International Commerce, she became the Assistant Product Manager for a Parisian lingerie brand, then the Accessories Manager at Disney France.


Nina arrived in Canada in 2014 and enrolled at l’École de Joaillerie de Montréal while drawing the basis of what would become her first collection.


The Nina.Nanas brand was born in 2015. From there, the designer keeps adding more strings to her bow by learning both modern and traditional jewellery techniques. In parallel, she keeps exploring shapes and materials in the context of the “Labo”, launched by Noel Guyomarch in his famous contemporary jewellery gallery.


Original and elegant, Nina.Nanas jewellery is carefully handmade in the designer’s atelier, located in the heart of Montreal. The pieces of jewellery emanate a distinctive sense of style and creativity which leaves its mark on every woman who wears it. Thus, the Nina.Nanas woman is artsy, edgy and cultured; she dares to push the limits of her femininity.


Inspired by Dadaism and Surrealism, Nina.Nanas’ latest collection, Ojo (“eye,” in Spanish) revolves around the eye, which symbolizes the skilled, critical eye of the artist, sketched in a naïve style. From Dalì to Picasso and Mirò, the collection is bathed in an eccentric, retro-inspired atmosphere, both trendy and timeless.