Designer Shang Yang uncovers the hidden beauty of a world lost in ideas. CONNECTIONSy’s fall / winter 2018 collection pays homage to the great city of Berlin. A vast metropolis on the verge of yet another evolution.

Berlin’s colorful history is polarized by liberty and constraint. The perfect juxtaposition of the human condition. Ever reminding us of what comes with too much independence and too much mechanism. No other monument in the world boast a greater symbol of this complex divide than the Berlin wall.
Once the most notorious city in the world, Berlin attracted people from every corner of the globe. Now millions flock to the city for a glimpse at the graffiti littered murals decorating the great divide. The remnants of the wall are a grand reflection of the modern-day conscience in political polarization.
CONNECTIONSy’s, 2018 F/W collection, explores the boundaries of the consciousness in today’s society. Clothing can act like a loud voice in silent protest. Shang looks to exploit this concept with anti-war sentiment. The fall / winter 2018 collection Titled “No Entry” pushes the audience to explore the confines’ of their own psyche.
When a people are restricted the idea of freedom is like a dream. Whole and euphoric. We envision incredible things beyond the walls of our imagination. Believing what we cannot see must be greater than the reality that lives behind us. Imagination gives us the strength to change the world. It allows us to think beyond possibility.
“No Entry” is about dreaming beyond the impossible. The feeling of total freedom in a mechanic reality. Shang creates this world through color, texture, and imaginative silhouettes. Iconographic print and intricate detail take on a new and subtle language of their own. This collection is about style that speaks to what we believe in.

Photographer: Shang Yang @shangnyc
Clothing: CONNECTIONSy F/W 2018 @connectionsy
Stylist: Viola Lee
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Wu
Assistants: Wendy Wang, Gale Cui
Model: Kris, Ewelina (Independent Management Milano)
Studio: F-Y STUDIO Milano