Now, we want amazing makeups! Halloween is the funniest time of the year, we can go all out and have fun planning our costume weeks before the big event or just being silly and wear some funny accessories. But, as we grow up, the thrill of wearing a huge costume to keep us warm while were trick or treating is not that thrilling anymore. Halloween just seems to be coming way to fast and, a few days before the 31, you realize you have not anything planned yet.

No, you don’t have to give up your Halloween party yet! But, you will have to use a little bit of your creativity. Look up in your drawers, find your nicest clothes and go buy lots of cheap makeup because, when we don’t have time to go buy elaborate costumes, we must focus on the makeup.

And you are thinking, what ? This is way too complicated for me! I am not a makeup artist.

Well, Youtube is here for you.


You can wear a cute, childish dress…


Or a colourful but simple one, with high boots…


But if you already have a tutu, you should go with…


And your gold dress and cleopatra inspired accessories would be a perfect match with this…

And, finally, you can just go with the school girl kit for a manga look.


But please, please, please, no animal disguises ! And try to keep your dignity!

And, most of all, have a fabulous time !


Happy Halloween everyone!


Written by Ruby-Maude Rioux