Let’s get on London time! British Fashion’s capital has always distinguished herself from other capitals for her eccentricity and her particular style.  I will not do a longer introduction, to let you feel the clothes as I did.


Quiet lilas, appearing shyly in the bottom of clothes. Bright greens, yellows, oranges and reds. Geometry kept coming back in Acne’s show, the lines, the graphics, under the writings and in the rectangle shirts free from sleeves. Also, going with the rectangular thematic, Acne has celebrated the come-back of the Spartans, striping legs of wide strips of vinyl on thick soles.

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum surprised everyone with the use of a mesmerizing metallic fabric, adding, with the red lips, an intense dose of glamour to the models, which, in most of the other shows, were free of sexuality. The clothes were mainly composed of glossy materials, for a fun and sexy look, reminding me of some kind of pop-star mermaid. As always, the traditional trench coat has been reinvented, becoming capes stopping over the elbow or going down to the knee.

Christopher Kane

Even with an Easter-ish color palette, Christopher Kane has rock the chic but hip look, thanks to a clever use of transparence. Ruffles, laces and jewelled dresses gave a tea party twist to the dresses, always cut with some rougher touches, as for the rubber bands seen on the dress above. Also, the spiral touch to the heals was a detail I particularly liked.

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Moschino has offered a refreshing girly hippie for next summer. Colorful, bright clothes, mixing forest green and navy with fluorescent colors, giving a surprising but really likable look. Bags followed the path when mixing dark leathers with vibrant prints.  Also, pineapples appeared several time on bags, dresses, pants and blazers. This could be the beginning of a fruity trend. Vinyl coats gave a childish twist to the looks, has if we could, once again, jump in puddles with our big rubber boots when Spring would come. Futhermore, I loooooved their bathing suit.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Next summer’s Westwood’s young woman is not quite a summer-ish one, focussing more on a style based on a preppy touch and lots of subtle patterns. Staying in a red, blue, white palette of colors, every clothes could easily all fit together. First playing with London’s woman clichés, using, on the way, lots of plaid, Westwood’s has offered a collection of clothes which we can have fun with.

 London’s fashion designers seemed to be less into the pattern trend then New-York’s, blending into a more classical/edgy look, playing with standards. Lots of gradients were seen on London’s runways, as for the laces and jewels on clothes. We loved Westwood’s contrasts between dark and bright colors. Also, we celebrate the return of the spartiate.

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