Fashion is a worldwide phenomenon, we already know that. Magazines have been, for a long time now, offered in every country and now from the diffusion of runways’ pictures on Internet, Fashionistas can pick up trends live from their favorite designers show, no matter the country. In theory, regardless of the personal approach of designers, this causes a similarity between all those Fashion Capitals. What can now separate New-York’s designers from Paris’ ? That’s why I have developed a  certain curiosity causing me to analyze next summer’s fashion by city. The personality, the culture, the weather… all factors interfering with how designers will interpret in their own way worldwide trends.  So, let’s take a look at what New-York’s Fashion Week offered us for those hot months.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The scarf is, for Marc by Marc Jacobs, a key element for next summerwear. Worn around the waist, as a headband or literally wrapped around the head, the scarf encourages our creativity. Plaid is also everywhere, but in a loose, colorful way, cohabiting with several other patterns on what seems to be soft comfortable cottons. Marc Jacobs wants us to be comfortable and joyful. Another detail caught my attention : those gray socks, wore with every heals. They are simply perfect for the look but, mostly, for next winter’s ensemble.


Proenza Schouler

My first impression of Proenza Schouler’s show was that the clothes were fashionaly beautiful but still, not in touch with the everyday wear. In my opinion, the clothes lacked of feminity with rectangular silhouettes did not offset the beautiful and interesting patchwork of different leathers. But, by the end of the show, I was surprisingly impressed by the crowd’s prints, mixed with other pictures. There was also those dress covered with one big beach prints. Thus, I would say the prints were Proenza Schouler’s strength in the show.


Dona Karan offers us cool, urban clothes with a show composed with jeans pieces, filmy white shirts and silver accessories. Next summer’s DKNY woman wants to keep it neutral with an easy approach of fashion, focussing on comfort. The sporty cotton shirts, loose jeans burmudas accompany with a cap give an all-American look, celebrating a boyish but still not devoid of sexyness New-York woman.


Rodarte’s show attracted my curiosity. I could not find the words to describe the show. The Mulleavy’s sister went all the way into the pattern trend, adding up to five different one on one dress. Also, the use of what appears to be a plastron was really interesting, always constituting an element of contrast with the rest of the ensemble and giving a medieval thought to the clothe. But, mainly, Rodarte’s clothes were about the structures, the surprising shapes but mostly about the diversity of fabrics, trying crochet over leather, silk and nylon. Overall, Rodarte tried to push the limits of what can and cannot be wear together to encourage woman to be bold with fashion.

Diane Von Furstenberg

A refreshing breeze came from the Diane Von Furstenberg show.We could imagine ourselves in those light silky clothes on hot days, drinking an iced cappuccino
dressed in a sky blue loose 
blouse and bright red trousers. Great, unusual accessories added some fantasy to the outfits, giving it a playful twist. Recurrence ? The
Indian inspirations,
floral patterns, plunging cleavage, metallic waist belt and Google’s new glass glasses worn by the models, remembering the use of this
new technology to film Miss. Von Furstenberg week before the show. 

So, class ? What have we learn from New-York’s last Fashion Week ? Simply put : we mix it all up! Fabrics, pattern. We can end up in a bohemian look a la Marc Jacobs or in chic tight dress, which proves this an adaptable trend. Then, designers gave a lot of attention to the structures of clothes, giving an unusual shape to clothes.  Also, like every summer, flowers has come back in a diversity of shapes like the tropical Hawaiian one, the romantic one or the funny big colorful kind. Also, for the accessories, we like silver. We don’t care if it’s on the bracelet, the shoes, the belt or the clothes.

See you again by the end of London’s Fashion Week and thank you all for your great comments, they really are heart warmers in these cold fall days!

Written by Ruby-Maude