ParelParel creations constitute a mix of precious high-quality materials with unique and artful craftsmanship and a deep symbolic meaning underlying each collection. The brand’s designs are created with the intention to last for generations and to be worn regardless of passing trends and fashions, reflecting personal beliefs and attitudes of the wearer.

The new range of the brand’s signature symbolic pendants recalls the powerful nature of the wind and the ocean. Each design conveys an echo of ancient female powers locked in a lucky charm, carefully manufactured using a long-forgotten, time-honoured method of lost wax casting.

The brand’s first collection was enthusiastically received by the fashion lot and customers all over Europe. A number of pieces can be spotted in the social media and some have been featured in fashion editorials of the Polish editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazines.


Photos: Sonia Szóstak
Model: Maria Dębicka / Model Plus Warsaw
Styling: ParelParel
Hair and makeup: Ola Łęcka / Bukuteam