When looking at Ryan’s website, in the about section, there isn’t much that is told about him. We were wondering who he was, and so we asked him to write to us a small paragraph. About him, or his shoot. We are glad to show you his response, and have a great artist work with us in our second Issue.


I’m having some difficulty finding a good description for this story.
I’m not sure if words would add or take away to the images.
I like the viewer to be able to create their own story mentally.
I am not exactly a person who likes to story board their photo shoots. 
I almost always intentionally go in with no plan at all if I’m being honest.
You can plan something out for weeks, story board it, and have yourself 100 percent convinced of how it’s going to play out.
Then, when you arrive on the day, it’s like you aren’t as involved in creating something so much as you are following a script.
You can try to hit the mark you set. but sometimes when it’s all there in the light of day, the mark is irrelevant. 
Something new may form before you, but there you are, stuck with how you convinced yourself you wanted to do the photo shoot. 
For me, All of the important decisions about how I want to portray a subject, what kind of feelings I want to bring out.. that’s in the edit.
When you have this mass of images before you, it’s like photo series as a whole is in a superposition. Then this mass gets measured by an observer. Then, out of the immeasurable arrangements that it could have been, one specific form comes to be and exist. I’m embarrassed that I’ve ended on a vague quantum physics analogy, plus I’ve not really said anything about the images themselves. ‘ll try and steer us back on course.
While I’ve never been to Morocco, a few of these images were lucky enough to be entered into a photo exhibit / art show in Casablanca a few months ago. 
I am honored that you chose to show these in Flannele, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my work!