Planning the perfect ‘feel good’ day out is a great way to have some ‘you’ time. If you’ve been stressed with work or family life lately, or maybe you just feel like you deserve a break, planning a day out like this will help you to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the days to come. Below you’ll find a few great ideas you can take for yourself and enjoy:

  • Start The Day With A Morning Ritual 

Start the day with a morning ritual that helps you to get ready for the day ahead. You can start every day with a morning ritual you enjoy, but you can really take your time with it when you’re planning on having a day to yourself. Perhaps you could have a nice warm shower listening to meditative music, or maybe you could relax with a hot drink and a chapter of the book you’re reading. Hopping out of bed after snoozing the alarm 7 times and then rushing to get ready will never set the best tone for the day ahead. 

  • Take Yourself On A Breakfast/Brunch Date 

When you’re ready after your morning ritual, take yourself on a breakfast or brunch date (depending on time). Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and just enjoy being alone. This might be a little out of your comfort zone, but it’s a great idea if you’re in need of some time with yourself. Take a book if you’re worried about people talking to you! 

  • Enjoy Some Retail Therapy 

There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy if you can afford it! Even window shopping could be a nice idea if you know you can resist spending too much. If there’s something you’ve needed for a while, like a face cream or a new pair of jeans, then treat yourself. 

  • Get Lost In A Show 

Watching a show is a great way to get a little bit more cultured and get lost in art. You can find book of mormon tickets online and you’ll be able to eliminate waiting in a queue. You won’t have to worry about anybody trying to speak to you during the performance if you go alone, so don’t worry about getting a date! 

  • Meet A Friend For Coffee Or Drinks 

You may have spent the majority of the day on your own by now, so it could be time to catch up with a friend or family member for coffee or drinks. Ask somebody you haven’t connected with in a while if they would like to catch up, and give them your full attention! 

  • Finish With A Pamper Night 

Finish the day off with a little pamper – take a hot bath, apply a face mask, read a book, and just relax before bed. Try to spend as little time using technology as possible so you get a good sleep and wake up feeling well rested. 

You should feel like you’ve had a full, satisfying day once you’ve ticked off everything here – how will you spend your ‘feel good’ day out?