We tend to put the emphasis on tops when we choose our clothing, as it seems easier to catch peoples eye with what is directly in front of them. From a silky colourful blouse to an edgy faux-leather corset, it is pretty easy to stand out. But how about you make your pants the star of your outfit this time?

With the cold Canadian winter, we are way more likely to wear pants than a skirt, dress or tights outside. Better safe than sorry, right? When looking at my options pants-wise, it quickly gets boring to only wear jeans, whether they’re skinny-fit, high waisted, blue, black or green. But what about leggings?

I tend to forget that leggings can be incredibly versatile, although there is a thin line between looking like you wear pyjamas or a somewhat classy outfit. The best thing about them is that they come in a panoply of colours, textures and fabrics.

I have been obsessing over leather leggings lately. They can be amazingly comfortable and give a classy touch to your outfit. Subtle black leather boots, a long flowy shirt, silver jewellery and you’re good to go! No need to do anything over the top since these leggings stand out pretty easily from the rest of your outfit.

If you don’t feel like giving this shiny touch to your look, plain black leggings are always a good way to enhance a simple outfit. By making your legs look longer and slimmer (thank god black exists), these leggings can be paired with pretty much anything. I have a crush on these high waisted leggings you can find at Garage. They are not only comfortable, but also easy to wear since they rise very high, not making it look trashy if you feel like wearing a shorter top.

There you go! Two easy-peezy ways to look classy and still be warm while heading to your favourite café to escape the snowy winter.