Sponsored content plays an important role in the online publishing business and monetization strategy. We are thrilled that you are interested in having your content on Flanelle Magazine. We offer different many different options.

Your piece or article should be relevant to the fashion, art, design or lifestyle industry. The writing should be compelling and between 400 to 600 words. Inform and engage, but don’t advertise. The best way to get readers interested is to value the information given while mentioning your brand or company’s work. The more authentic and impartial, the more impact it will have.

Please include the writer or brand’s information if you would like it mentioned.


What topics do you accept or cover?
Here are the only topics we accept: Fashion, Design, Art, Interior Design, Decor, Beauty including health in beauty, Travel, Architecture, Music, Movies, and photography.

Will the post and link be live for at least a year?

Will the post be labeled as sponsored or paid?
Guest posts and guest writers are not labeled ( just let us know if that is the case ), while sponsored posts will have, at the end of the article, a sentence to let our audience know that the article was sponsored by you.

Can the article be published today?
Please let us between 1 to 10 days to review your article, make changes and publish it.


Our guest posts and sponsored articles can be put in our printed or online magazine. The articles are either written by your writers or Flanelle’s staff writers. There is also a possibility of hyperlink placement in existing articles.

The Legal Fine Print

You retain the copyright of the piece and grant us a nonexclusive right to run the piece online or in any future collections of pieces. You grant us the right to run the piece exclusively for 15 days. If you repost it, please include a line that says the piece originally ran on Flanelle Magazine, with a link to our site at www.flanellemag.com. Your content will also be marked as presented and written by your company.


If you would like to put a sponsored article in Flanelle Magazine, please submit your article, and finish by paying with the Paypal link below.

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