Read before submitting 

Pull-letters or Letters of recommendation ( LOR for short ) is an important component when working as a freelance stylist who needs to borrow product samples for photoshoots. When stylists are not yet known in the field or by the designers, it’s harder to borrow from them. Flanelle Magazine receives up to 600 pull letters demands each month for photoshoots. While many of you are serious teams, around 95% of the time, after we provide pull-letters, these photoshoots are never to be heard of, are submitted to other magazines, or they simply never happened. Because of this, we have decided to stop handing out pull-letters, but thought this was unfair to the serious teams. In order to narrow these teams, we have implemented a fixed fee for pull letters of 12.99$. If you do not wish to pay this fee, we completely understand. There are other ways to insure your samples such as giving a deposit or lending your credit card to the designer(s). We will be happy to review your editorial submissions afterward.

If you are a serious team and would like us to provide you with a pull letter for your photoshoot, please submit your photoshoot details below. This purchase will guarantee a pull letter but it does not guarantee that your editorial will be accepted to be published. Also, make sure that the dates and the team are exact and final, as we don’t offer multiple pull-letters per purchase. For any other questions: