Story by Rocio Frausto

Soak in the splendor of fantasy to unravel a permanent twilight merging Baroque and Gothic influences in the fashion collection.  Glitz upon the grandeur of neoclassical landmark constructed in the 1920s of the Victoria House.  Rocky Star likes to defy gravity transcending you into a world of Romanticism.  A spectacular metamorphosis on the model with free flowing silhouettes, the fashion designer has been inhabiting the twilight space for 6 years at London Fashion Week.  

A dreamlike lyricism echoed in the collections graced by Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Priyanka Chopra.  The modus operandi embodied by sequined and textured fabrics is a transcendental existence to India’s  Cultural Heritage.  The transcending dichotomy between supernatural and design in the collections is recreated with a home decor brand in association with Bent Chair. Recreating the grandeur of the past with mid-century design  –  Baroque, Botanics and Pop home decor collections.  

Step upon the nostalgic grandeur of a Golden Age movie set  – the silver goddesses, plush velvet upholstery and Art Deco inspired chandeliers of Rocky Star Cocktail Bar. Foraying into the Romantic grandiosity, the menu boasts the best culinary treats from Morocco, London, Australia and Turkey.  Under the golden rays of the Mediterranean sun, is a blend of the finest spirits –  Swathed in chocolate, truffles and 24k gold sophistication.

Flanelle : Tell us about the transition for this season’s collection (Feb 2020) ?  

Our collection is a walk down memory lane, revisiting our archives and reinventing designs that made timeless fashion that hold a whole lot of emotions. We have reminisced about our fashion journey and resurrected signature aesthetics, in elements borrowed from our gothic creations, embodied in the current day, relevant and high-fashion silhouettes.

The collection essentially symbolizes retreating to the inception, focusing and de-saturating the mind. Using black as the canvas for this collection, vintage features echo- a resurgence of scattered sequins, delicate lace detailing, and feather goodness; precise and polished. The collection evolves voluminous sleeves, Victorian ruffles, gathered hemlines and refined pleats, featured in blended and textured fabrics. Further accentuated with bold yet intricate metallic threads and accents, the collection amalgamates sophistication and minimalism with renewed edge and appeal. Structured and free-flowing silhouettes are paired together and brushed with signature cut and sew techniques, surface texturing and applique work. The collection highlights monochrome in sequins bombers, faux leather trenches, and tailored jackets paired with voluminous skirts, flared trousers, and signature T-shirts. Modern functionality takes precedence in versatile separates that can be freely mixed and matched.

You launched a furniture collection in partnership with Bent Chair. What were the first rounds of concepts you presented to Bent Chair?

The home décor line is an extension to my couture collection and every piece put together is with the same passion I design for my fashion label. I wanted to create a space for people that they can fall in love and resonate with. This range is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of timeless glamour to their homes.

Your design collections are imbued with classical and modernist references channeling a world of fantasy.  How purposeful is the marriage of different styles and forms?

Rocky Star Home reflects elegance, with a modern stance that continues to contribute to a sensibility that is uniquely mine. It is inspired by influences and traces of the baroque and gothic time periods, translating in pieces that are classic and contemporary, with exquisite fabrics and ethereal textures. Redefining chic for your casa, the design aesthetic is a confluence of the modern and the antique, comprising a range of dinnerware, wall paintings, cushions and furniture in eccentric styles.

Creativity forms the essence of my collections, bringing together different ideas that can beautifully transition from fashion to furniture. The essence of my designs remain constant, molded into different areas in ways to create lifestyle products. I enjoy the process of channeling my inspiration in different artistic forms.   

An outlet of your eponymous cocktail bar was launched last year in Mumbai with expansions in pipeline.  With a penchant for symbolism evoking an ancient period.  Is this your approach to conjuring the stories and myths behind their designs at cocktail bar?

I envisioned a place where everyone can come and have the best experience they could. When I see people having a good time, I feel good. It’s like we get to be a part of their celebration.

I wanted to create a place that has the best of my travel experiences, interpreted through distinct flavors from all over the world under one roof. With an international allure and a refined sensory experience, the elegantly designed space transports you to the baroque time period. It greets you with an old-world charm, reflecting my philosophy of blending the traditional with the modern.

Rocky Star Cocktail bar effortlessly brings together vintage elements, recreating the grandeur of the past, in the present. An aesthetic that is uniquely mine, the cocktail bar takes you on a culinary journey, celebrating cuisines and drinks from across the globe. The design aesthetic would represent a new Victorian era, with gothic and baroque traces seen through the walls, décor and furniture.I am proud to see the place become the ultimate cosmopolitan experience in the city.à

What are the future plans for your acclaimed atelier?

We have also expanded our portfolio to skin and hair products, with the launch of Rocky Star Shine. Inspired by real women, the product line, co-conceptualized by Grooming Naturals is expertly crafted to simplify beauty regimes to suit the current, fast-paced lifestyle. The all-natural and cruelty-free products aim at empowering women to pamper themselves with quick and easy care, formulated to deliver round-the-clock protection. With this brand, we wish to streamline and elevate women’s grooming experience, tailored to simplify beauty routines.