With every season there is not only a change in temperature and color but in fashion and trends. Whether it’s as simple as going from t-shirt to sweater weather, there is always something new to explore. So what are some ways one could save a little cash, all while keeping up with the latest trends?

1. Designer Knows Best. Though this may make sense it is actually FALSE. Sure, designers are the best in their field, but it is not always practical to follow New York Fashion week, and then immediately go out and buy the same outfits. This is simply a ruse to entice shoppers to buy more and more of what they may not need in the moment. A great way to keep the runway look, without the price tag is to wait! Though many stores will have the latest and greatest almost immediately, that slight delay means more money in one’s pocket.

2. Stay Season-Specific. Sure, this may be true for a whole host of patterns and material, but in this day and age, there is nothing wrong with wearing that winter sweater on a cool summer’s night. And no one will stone you if you wear white after Labour Day. Though some in the fashion world may be appalled by the choice to throw on that white blazer after the long weekend, it can actually save money in the long run. Instead of purchasing a whole new outfit, why not dress up the one already sitting in the closet? By contrasting some fall colors with that white blazer, a new sophisticated outfit will be born, at a fraction of the cost.

3. Accessories Must Match. Anymore, this all comes down to personal preference. Yes, one should still not pair those brown shoes with a black belt, but when it comes to matching accessories such as purses, earrings, bracelets and belts – find ways to coordinate instead of match. There are so many complimentary colors out there, which opens up a whole range of outfit options. It also means that same purse can go with ALL outfits, as opposed to just one or two. And those funky gold earrings? They can be worn all year, and all the time if one so preferred. But the best way to save a little cash, and still look good together? Choose neutral colors for accessories. This will provide more options to mix and match, and it may only take a moment to grab a pair of earrings to pull that outfit together – as opposed to planning everything out the night before.

4. Buy All New, All the Time! Again, another lie spread in order to encourage spending. Though fashion may be about the “next best thing” there are ways to look like “the next best thing”, without the additional cost. Some stores display a multitude of outfit options, many of which may contain pieces of clothing one already has in their closet. This means that a new shirt and a pair of earrings is all that’s needed in order to dress up the jeans and shoes sitting in the closet at home. Not to mention, hosting events such as a Clothing Swap, would also introduce new items into a wardrobe, or new outfit ideas. Additionally, one can shop through many online stores such as Banana Republic Factory Store as there can often be better sales and deals found from them, along with coupons and promo codes, one can save a lot. Speaking of store credit cards, that is another way to save some cash. Many sites offer a store credit card option, which will come with exclusive discounts to its user. Though the card may only be used a handful of times throughout the year, the savings can be well worth the time to sign up. Check out active Noon Promo Codes for May 2019 and get extra 10% OFF on all products!

5. No Mixing Metals. Yes, this rule may stand true for some. It could be they do not prefer to see mixed metals in an outfit or they enjoy following the Fashionista rules. But, if that is not the case, then this news may be rather freeing! Metals such as silver and gold can eat up a budget quite quickly. Which is why some of the new “trends” one may notice in stores is the mixing of metals. It is no longer a tragic faux pas to wear silver and gold bracelets together. Or carry a gold purse while wearing silver jewelry. This means much of what one may already possess can be repurposed and given new life just by how they are worn.

Though there are many rules when ‘dressing to impress’, there is a multitude of options to take those “rules” and turn them into a unique style that suits any fashion sense or personal preference. So get creative! And start playing with new looks today.