Fashion Designer: Paola Idrontino
Photographer: Francisco Hernandez Marzal
Models: Eleonore Dumesnil & Arantxa Julve @Carmen Duran
Makeup Artists: Kuki Gimenez @kukigimenezagency , Cristina Martin & Gisela Fambuena
Videographer: Adri Almazan

‘ Paola is a designer who has great power to create impressive pieces. Her references to organic forms, in particular the living organisms of the sea, are very interesting. I made her the proposal to do a photographic shooting outdoors, next to the seashore reinforcing this way that bond between us human beings and the origin of all the living forms that populate the earth: we all came from the sea, and the sea is the source and origin of all life. This also raises ethical issues and debates: are we preserving the sea as we should?. Do we care about it?. ”Francisco Hernandez Marzal