Nude the the New Black


By Camille Internoscia

In the dictionary, nude is the term used for giving the appearance of nudity. In our modern dictionary, we will use the expression: send nudes (letting your imagination doing the work). We more and more feel free to show our body and we are proud of it. But to me, when I hear; send nudes… I immediately think, what shade though? The color nude is a shade compared to nudity. It is described as minimalist, clean, monotone and to leave room to the imagination (yet again this imagination). When wearing this color, you’re not trying too hard to get noticed as if you wore a red dress, but it’s still a major statement.


When using the term flesh color to describe a nude, do we realise it involves that flesh can only be beige? What about the other skin colors that don’t match that flesh? Is the nude of a darker skin toned person brown? Should the term nude be a color palette and not just one color? It seems like the industry didn’t get the memo that every human has a different shade of skin. When offering a nude option, it’s not a one color fits all, or most. Christian Louboutin got it. In 2013, he offered nude pumps for every skin color. In the lingerie department, the stores don’t offer a wide variety of nude options for women of different colors. So if you need a nude bra to wear under a sheer outfit, what’s to be done? In a very specific way, the expression nude is a term used to describe something naked, so any skin tone colored clothes on the right skin tone is nude. If the illusion is right, the word is correct. We just need more options.



This color is genius. You can never go wrong with the right shade of nude.  Strong does look better naked, but since we are civilized we will undress the truth (lol): you can’t hide anything when wearing nudes.  It reveals every curve, every bump, and every line. You shall be prepared when going for it. This color will elongate the legs and won’t take space away from our bodies. Before finding the best shade for you, you need to test it on your skin in bright day light. It will make you glow or make you look washed off. Layering and pairing with other colors can make these shades more exciting. When mixing the different tones, you create depth and contrast. If it doesn’t look so flattering, you can always wear the nude on the bottom so it stays far away from your face.


So basically should we say that the trend is the color beige? Because if we use the term nude, we will have to agree that it is more than one shade so it can matches every color of flesh. Don’t feel left out by this trend! People say nude when they mean colors like honey, champagne or even pink; don’t be lazy, nude is a variety of infinite skin tones.