About Side Project

SIDE PROJECT is a collaborative lifestyle brand made in France where different creative media meet to emphasize on art and craftsmanship.

Several professionals from both the fashion and design industry, already involved in other artistic projects come together to support SIDE PROJECT as it focuses on a different aspect of their expertise and creativity merging into a common vision.

It is oncentrated around a focused line of women’s ready-to-wear, SIDE PROJECT offers a set of lifestyle products which range from jewelery to objects.

Side Poject started in 2016 after Antoinette Chalumeau moved back to France after spending 4 years in New York City where she worked as a textile designer and concept designer for several brands (like Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang among others). She focused on the idea of a collaborative brand where she designs everything and work closely with various artists, artisans and other creative people working for her as their side project merging into a common vision. It is a generational thing that young creative people experience nowadays in the work marketplace. You often have to work for bigger brands and corporations to make money and keep persuing your passion or your art on the side. With Side Project she wanted to offer a curated line of products ethically made ranging from jewelry to high end garments through lifestyle products. The idea is to offer sustainable and timeless products with a production politic that will always include the human work behind each piece. It is really important that the consumer understands that each product is made from different people’s work and that without craftsmens, fashion brands could not exist any longer. It is a continuous dialogue between the art director and her collaborators, where their knowledge inspires her designs and her concepts bring their expertise on an different aspect of their traditional knowhow.