Too cold outside, too hot inside. A lot of layers to put on, a lot to take off. Even though those repeatedly facts are annoying, I like winter… in pictures. Honestly, sometimes when we take a walk in the city and we take time to look around us, we get hit by how we forget the beauty of nature. Fell out on these few pictures of Summer Shimizu, a photographer based in New Zealand, born in Japan.

When she shoot, Summer has in mind images that could persist through the time. According to her, photos are souvenirs and should be remembered for a long time. She photographs diverse subjects but always thinking of creating a bond between people.

«My art work may be various different style but the meaning and reason are always the same.»

Here are photos of Hokuriku region where there is the heaviest snow areas in Japan. While looking at these, all I can think of is the calm that is highlighted from these images. It clearly get off our minds of how snow complicate our lives, for at least a few minutes.

一里野温泉スキー場 Ichirino Onsen Ski一里野温泉スキー場 Ichirino Onsen Ski一里野温泉スキー場 Ichirino Onsen Ski

Summer Shimizu

By Sonia Staali