The holiday season is upon us, which means as well the time of the year where many people are getting fully creative with their Christmas decor. The traditional red and green always have been commonly associated and referred to Christmas. Even though, these colors are still on trend, they have been somewhat enhanced with a greater variety of color schemes or even monochromatic ornaments.


Minimalistic Christmas decorating doesn’t sound possible, does it? Many people want to get in the festive spirit but at the same time, layering a bunch of decorations over their refined decor is not what they aimed for. A simple touch of natural greenery, candles, white, silver or gold can be as festive but still remain tasteful and sophisticated. Besides, by reducing the amount of color and keeping it minimalistic, it helps to induce coziness and maintain calmness. Sometimes, the use of various colors can feel chaotic. Here are a few ideas to get inspired for those who appreciate the simpler side of holiday decorating.







Moreover, one of the most symbolic aspects of the Christmas holiday is the tree.  However, a lot of people can’t have real trees in their apartments, as they don’t have enough room, or simply because they don’t want to fill up their tiny space more than it is already. Luckily there are many modern alternatives to the classical Christmas tree that are absolutely magical looking.






By Marie-Pier Chouinard