By Sierra Mon

The best thing about minimalist interior décor is that it is more about simplicity and decluttering so you don’t really have much to worry about. If you’re preparing a to move into a new place soon or want to add a bit of style to your existing place without doing too much, here are a couple small tips that can go a long way:



How the room is lit can make such a big difference to both tiny and large areas. In general, the more natural light you can get, the better. A well-lit room creates and opens up space to give the sense of an airy atmosphere. If the room you’re working with has limited light, you can brighten up the space by adding a few well-placed spotlights or lamps. A trend lately for indoor lights in more modern and minimal design is to use white LED bulbs because they can produce a cool, whiter light. They last much longer too!




In any style of interior decorating, having a color palette is crucial. For minimalist design, this usual includes a lot of black and/or white and neutral shades with a limited range of color. That’s not to say that all color should be avoided entirely but the number of bright accent colors should be limited to one or two. Usually, it’s a good idea to recognize and separate the colors in either warmer or cooler tones and not mix the two. Choosing a color palette before you start will go a long way when starting to decorate from scratch.

The color of both the furniture and walls should be thought of in consideration of the kind of lighting the room has. Rooms with less light will feel more enclosed and the color will be more difficult to see. When in doubt, a white washed room is a great basic go-to.





This is where a lot of people go wrong. All too often you see the extremes of interiors from rooms that look like nobody has moved in yet or on the other hand, rooms overwhelmingly crowded with a mix match of trinkets and mismatched stuff. The key thing for minimalist design is that it is about decluttering so anything you aren’t using should be out of sight. The trick to being able to have rooms like these but also be someone who keep their stuff is to have a lot of organized storage! Make sure everything you have has a place.

Some of the best accessories for simple spaces are plants and simple photographs or wall artwork. The greenery complements the natural environment and adds a bit of unobtrusive color. A wall piece that fits the color palette will give your home a touch of personality. Since you’re working with minimal color, don’t be afraid to go for dynamic geometric shapes in accessories!