If you are looking to reinvent your home without going through a full redecoration, then purchasing new pieces of art for the walls is one easy way to do it.

It can be costly however and do you really want to spend all that money, only to find out a friend or neighbor has got the same painting or picture hung up in their home?

One way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is by making your own artwork. Your house is your home, so what better way to decorate it than with pieces you’ve lovingly created yourself?

Here are a few ideas for simple, homemade pieces of art that can really brighten up your home.

Frame a fabric or wallpaper sample

Go to your local fabric or wallpaper store and pick up some free samples. Get yourself an ornate frame and frame these miniature samples, creating a piece of art to hang on the wall.

Use an old window frame as a photo collage

Take an old, wooden window frame and place family photos in each of the windows to create a collage which can brighten up in any room of the house. If you want to maintain that rustic look to complement the weathered wood, then leave the glass in, and it will appear as a timely family heirloom. If you want a fresh look so that guests can see your pictures clearly, remove the glass


Create a magnetic Scrabble board

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games in the western world and you can have your own ongoing game of it by creating a magnetic board. Frame a simple piece of magnetic metal to hang on a wall and then take a set of Scrabble tiles and magnetize them. Whenever somebody walks past the board, they can try and add a word to the game. Not only have you got yourself a living, changing artwork but it will provide good fun for both your family and your guests.

Take up origami

Want to produce beautiful pieces of art that require nothing more than a piece of paper and a little bit of knowledge? Then you’ll want to know about the origami way. Origami has been practiced by the Japanese since the 17th century, turning a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture. The best-known origami model is the paper crane, but there are plenty of other cute shapes and designs you can make to brighten up your home.


Make a wipe off board that matches your walls

Turn that unseemly wipe-off board you usually keep in the kitchen which reminds you of what you need to buy when shopping or what is going on that week into a piece of art for any room. By framing a transparent piece of plastic that can be written on and then easily cleaned with a dry wipe marker.


Make a display with shoeboxes

If you are forever buying shoes, then you will be forever ending up with shoeboxes. Don’t waste them – you can spray paint the inside of the shoe box, stick it to a wall and use it display lightweight items.