Text by Sonia Staali


Yesterday we thought that women of the 1940s had no sense of style, and today we find ourselves raiding our grandmother’s old clothing boxes for a piece of clothing that is unique and has a story. Because of the particularity of vintage pieces, more and more people are adding pre owned clothing to their personal style. Even though our forebear had flair, we all know that in fashion everything comes back more than once. Sometimes, some people are ahead of the trends and already wear what is going to be a hit. This big movement called vintage is now spread among fashionistas.


I recently fell on Alternateve, led by two young entrepreneurs based in Montreal, who wanted to turn their passion for vintage into a profitable venture. Their goal is to offer vintage clothing and accessories with an ethical and eco-friendly mind. Their vision «everything lives twice » is their main focus and « la raison d’etre » of their brand. How do they proceed? They look everywhere in charity thrift stores to give original pieces a second life for people like me, who don’t necessarily have a keen eye for finding beautiful key pieces. These two girls have been part of multiple pop up shops and they are soon launching their online store. You can already take a peek at what’s coming up. You never know, you might find a similar skirt to one that Elizabeth Taylor used to wear.



























Photographer: Frederika Wellet

Styling: Mirna Norzil