My aim is always to hit a chord.


Today I wanted to present to you a great fashion designer that is not well known, but that you show know anyways. Sophia Kokosalaki. Not only is she a beauty, but her sense of style is always evolving into something great, without changing to something else. She keeps true to her roots.

Born in athens in 1972, Kokosalaki‘s first love was literature, studying greek and english at the university of Athens. She decided to go to London in 1996 and completed a womenswear MA.She became a fashion designer.

Kokosalaki set up her own label in 1999 and quickly established her own trademark, dipping into the rich heritage of ancient greek drapery. Laces, knitwear, gongs. Her style evolves every year !


Sophia Kokosalaki bodice detail via sophia_kokosalaki_reedite_ses_pieces_phares_mode_une Sophia Kokosalaki 1 Sophia Kokosalaki 6 Sophia Kokosalaki 5 Sophia Kokosalaki 11